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Hey My name is David but you may call me dave .
Funfact of the week: my birthday is 11th june

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Hi my name is david and

i have been doing this newgrounds thing for half a year now and in that half year

a lot of my stuff got lost That has ultiple rresons whether there was a controversy attached to it so it got deleted,

it got cancelled mid production,it was never made beyond a script, the pc i had it on broke or any other reasons so now i will talk about it .

Akt 1 : switzerlocation

(sigh) alright lets get the snorlax out of the room first. Switzerlocation is or was my Dayshift at freddys fangame.

if you dont know what it is its a Fangame series of Five Nights at freddys and if you still have no clue I am both sorry and astound. back to swtzl it would take place in DSAF 3 s neutral ending and it basically retconned the entire timeline and every character was a worse copy of a main series dsaf character it was a way to over ambitiuos game for its own good or bad rather because it went trough development HELL i may or may not overworked myself and the people planned to be involed and at some pont i just straight up cancelled it 2 funfacts here 1 @limeaidsodapoppers was involved and they have been long offline and i am scared that they are dead now thats not fun and more fun fact @razorblam was planned to be involved and it didnt work but later in the house collab we tecnically worked on the same game without knowing ok last word to this swtzl tried to be Security breach in dsaf form and crashed right into a brick wall and its dead as fluffybuns.

AKT 2 :Deleted ART

Ok so now lets get into pictures i posted and then later deleted and none of them will ever see the light of day again maybe probably i dont know anyways first of there is (sigh) i dont really wanna mention this cos its a dead drama horse

but the jonochrome controvers basically i made some art that was inspired and on based on jonochrome/jonbro who did something not so good and right after the drama went live i deleted my riddle school ship art and my jonbro phone guy painting and both the redisgn of my character robert robot who at the time was a flumpty bumpty clone and the changing of my drawing my full channel banner where a result of this controversy. other deleted art are my speed edits basically me modifing already made drawing so a bit of them have been deleted including my fnac and yokai watch one but soem are still online but i will remove them soon probably. also there are things i made in stock images and a a render of davetrap from dsaf i made as a test post cos something on my account glitched and somehow even though i instsntly deleted it has 6 views when i check it in the trash folder but its probably from me looking at it.

and now i will not talk about buff caillou

AKT 3 : games i couldnt Make

Ok i will keep it quick so at one point i wanted to like make a lot of cancelled games i cant really remembe rbut its swtzl a Pokemon fan game a onaf style robert game but what happend is my laptop broke and i couldnt send the data to a cloud so now its gone forever

Ok and thats scrapped stuff

In conclusion during my newgrounds history a lot has been deleted and or made unavalible and there no doubt willbe more but thats part of live Things end sometimes i might have to stop posting but i hope we share nice memories thats very cheesy but hey i am swiss we love chesse (laughs and sigh in relieve)

anyway keep in mind have a nice day, i have scrapped a lot of stuff and as always Have a beating heart.


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